Our involvement with the day-to-day problems of the client is such that it leads us to know:

-the purpose and utility of the product that we are asked to manufacture,

-the requirements that this will have and the superficial finishes that the client wants.

And all this allows us to advise our client by proposing:

-the use of the most suitable alloy,

-the design of the mold by obtaining the pieces with the quality standard desired by the client,

-and all this at the best possible price.


The fact of having total tilting machines, gives us a lot of  versatility.

When it comes to establishing the angle with which we will fill the shells without having to modify them and in many cases achieving that the same tilting action will facilitate us obtaining pieces of difficult execution without bringing limit the temperature of the aluminum or punish the cavity of the shell.

With the meticulous treatment of the aluminum and a perfect temperature control, both of the aluminum and the oven and the shells, we start with the best of predispositions to be able to melt any piece, no matter how difficult it can be.

The high melting capacity of our ovens allows us to obtain the necessary material for the whole day, regardless of the size, weight or quantity of pieces we found.


In our finishing section we complete part of the process that will take us to obtain a piece of quality. We have different  systems for cutting the founded aluminium that we use depending on the thickness, geometry or repeatability of the process. The neat can go from just the roughing of the laundry to the final clean to get pieces ready to go in line with paint, anodized, metallic or any other treatment that we are asked for doing.


In our foundry we offer the machining service. This process is part of our willingness to service, so we assume the responsibility of delivering the finished parts according to their plans and at a very competitive price.


We make gravity cast aluminum pieces fulfilling the requirements of our customers, pieces of great dimensional fidelity, with very good surface appearance and high quality thanks to the alloys used.