For us the concept of quality has to be explicit at all levels of our work: from the beginning to the end of the process and in the same product and service that accompanies it.

A perfectly finished product is as important as a good service to customer. And it is the sum of both (product + service) that makes the TOTAL QUALITY.



Our deliveries are accompanied by the certificate of composition of the alloy used, as well as the inspection sheet of the critical points or those requested by the client.



The traceability is ensured by our system of individualized marking that allows us at any time to know the route and composition of any piece.



If the piece and/or the client requires it, we attach X-rays of each piece with its corresponding certificate adjusted to the standard. The objective is to ensure that 100% of the delivered parts will comply with the most exigent controls and with the highest demands.


At Fundtec we are very carefully with environment. We do it in all our processes, and specially to waste management, all the necessary measures to preserve the environment.



We guarantee timely delivery at the customer’s home, of the piece in perfect condition. This is our goal. That is why at Fundtec we work with the media and collaborators that guarantee this premise.



Clients deal directly with Fundtec CEO. This is the summary of what we understand by service. Because any type of requirement has to be received and treated by the person with the capability of giving the solution. It’s as simple as that.